Thursday, October 01, 2015

Can an Introduction to Entrepreneurship Help?

As much as we laud the ideal of the 'self-made' entrepreneur, the reality is that many are involved in the incubation, development and growth of the entrepreneur. 

Many have written and spoken on the question of whether Entrepreneurs are "Born" or "Made".  In fact, we shared an extensive series of posts in this BLOG, together with reader comments that followed between in January 2012 and March 2012.  Expert commentary from those who've studied this question, as well as some of our own survey work was provided, supporting those who contend that entrepreneurs are 'made' - or 'developed' over time.  Clearly, there are skills that can be learned, applied and refined through the development process.  And when paired with the entrepreneur's innate drive and passion for business success, the likelihood of their achieving a positive outcome significantly improves!

We've enjoyed being a part of the entrepreneurial development process. For the past decade, the Business START-UP Seminar Series has helped many early-stage entrepreneurs looking to start and better prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. Through our collaborative approach with community stakeholders, participants gain valuable insights, information, and perspectives to help them move forward, and in the right direction!

Our NEXT Business START-UP Seminar Series is scheduled for November 2015 in the City of St. Albert, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. This follows a very successful series that we facilitated for them in November 2014. Since then, we've reached out to those who attended, in order to follow-up and offer additional assistance, where that may be helpful.

One of those entrepreneurs was Meagan Hazlewood, owner of “BeFit Whole Body Fitness & Training”.

Meagan Hazlewood, Business Owner
After attending last year, Meagan said: 
“I found the series to be one of the most helpful for the start-up and growth of my new business! It addressed the real issues of opening a business in easy to understand language and created the connections you need with experts as your business progresses.”

We had a few questions for Meagan and she kindly provided the following answers that you may find helpful:

Q: What motivated you to start your own business?
I was motivated to start my business as I wanted to offer people the support they needed to find fitness and wellness through an individualized wellness program. Somewhere friendly, inviting - and somewhere that could offer custom packages based on the needs of my clients.

Q: How are your customers benefitting from what you’re doing?
Our customers benefit from what we are doing as they become part of a supportive wellness community. This network allows them access to both professionals and like minded members who can help them grow in their wellness journey. Clients don’t only get fit and have fun, they create life long friendships.
Q: What do you see as the biggest business challenge early-stage entrepreneurs face?
The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is understanding their market and getting the word out to the people who are looking for their services. You need to do your research and have the funds to invest in professional assistance in this matter. Don’t overlook the power of getting this right!

Congratulations Meagan on the launch and growth of your new business!
Meagan Hazlewood is the owner of BeFit Whole Body Fitness & Training. Visit them for more information at: www.BeFit 

* Those interested in more information regarding the Business START-UP Seminar Series scheduled for November 2015 in St. Albert can CLICK HERE for details and registration.

EARLY-BIRD DEADLINE for Registration is October 16, 2015.

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