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Defensive Driving on the Road to Success (Part 2)

Perhaps the graphic that we've used in this post will serve to illustrate how important it is to gather and quickly process the information coming to us. Try not to let it distract you as you read! (smile)

Navigating your way of the highway of life as an entrepreneur holds additional risks and challenges. In this post, Scott Sheris provides another glipse into what it takes to successfully navigate the road towards SUCCESS!

We trust you'll enjoy this contribution that's been kindly provided by my friend, Scott Sheris from Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA). We'll be featuring this series over the month of June and invite you to add your comments and/or reaction to the ideas that the stories generate.

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Thank you for allowing us to share your series with our audience, Scott!

Best wishes on your entrepreneurial journey ...
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Here's Scott's second post in this series ...

Today’s thought: defensive driving (2) - “Get the Big Picture”

The second point made in defensive driving classes is to “Get the Big Picture”.  It makes sense! When you are only looking right in front of you, you limit your vision and may not get all of the information you need to make the best decisions.

On the other hand, when you look down the road, and around, you gain much more information.  You’ll have a clearer picture and a much better understanding of what decisions you need to make, and more time to make them.

Getting the big picture, though, also includes knowing what we are doing.  How fast are we going? Which lane are we in? And so on. If we don’t pay attention to what we are doing, we still won’t have the big picture, and we may again end up in a ‘bad spot’ on our road to success.

So, for life, consider what you are doing.  Figure out what’s REALLY going on personally and emotionally.  Then, once that’s done, look out to the road ahead.  Remember to look as far as you can to “Get the Big Picture”. That will help you make the right choices to stay on track while avoiding hazards along the way!

Scott Sheris is a writer from Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) who’s primary focus is personal core development. His mission is to (H)elp (O)ther (P)eople (E)xcel – helping to bring HOPE to others as they begin to change their lives in new ways.

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  1. Somewhere in this series, the following thought will likely fit ... but I thought I should post it now ... Thanks once again for your great comments on this topic and theme Scott! Now, here's a post that I sent out in my circles on June 12, 2014 with a link back to this BLOG series:

    "PLEASE - Don't feed the BARRIERS" - I thought this was a timely reminder for those ‘travelling down the entrepreneurial highway', as well as for those driving through our wonderful mountain parks this summer.

    In both cases, there are many potential dangers you'll encounter on your travels. Some of them may look ‘cute, fuzzy and warm’, but WATCH OUT ... they can ‘bite’ you if you get to close!

    Recognize the dangers and PLAN to avoid them in your travels! (smile).