Saturday, March 29, 2014

The MOST Important Question for Business Owners ... Ask: WHY?

We had such great response to this topic on Facebook that we decided to post it here and copy some of the comments that quickly came in ... Thanks for that great feedback!  

Let's continue the discussion and invite others to add their comments to build on this fundamental 'starting point' for ANY BUSINESS ... 

Here is our original post, followed by a couple of the early comments and suggested links provided by friends and colleagues:

WHY?  It’s such a simple question! It’s likely the FIRST question we asked in life, and one that always LEADS to new discoveries and innovation.

WHY is a question that EVERY potential entrepreneur should ask when thinking of starting a business venture.
  • WHY this product or service?
  • WHY is this problem or challenge occurring for my customers?  
  • WHY would potential customers purchase this solution from me?

WHY – it’s a great question!  It’s the “STARTING POINT” that can lead to a brighter and more successful future!

As we work with communities and organizations, we take them through the various STEPS of small business planning and development. We start with the question WHY, and lead them through a process that points them towards SUCCESS.

IF you need a process that leads to successful small business start-ups and engages the skills and expertise available within your community, LET US ASSIST YOU in making your community the ‘location of choice’ for them to establish, grow and prosper!

SEND us a quick note as your “FIRST STEP” to START the process!

AND HERE are some of the early comments and suggested links that were provided by friends and colleagues: 

Barry Matthews: Great post Jim Ewing <>   If you haven't already checked out the Simon Sinek video, it is a great explanation of Why ...

Jim: Thank you Barry. I appreciate the link to this video. I've heard Simon Sinek speak on this before and agree that there's great value in taking this approach. Again, much appreciated, and YES, I recommend giving this a view!


Greg Douglas: Test. Always test.

Try to sell it.  To actual customers - NOT friends and family who will often say "yeah, great idea. People will buy that/People need that"

Ask if they would buy it and back it up with their wallet - ask for the sale, or their advice is meaningless. I learned that the hard way.

I tend to avoid friends and family when I'm in the early stages for this particular reason.  

I guess that's the "Ready. Fire. Aim." in me.

If you can actually sell it, you may be on to something and keep pushing.....

Jim: Great points, Greg. We love our family and friends, and (hopefully) they love us as well. The truth is that they are more inclined to believe more in 'us' than in the actual viability of the business concept we're trying to launch. It's therefore imperative that we obtain objective outside perspectives … and there are so many great ways the entrepreneur can gain that valuable input. Thanks Greg!

Peggy Zubyk: Asking WHY is also the beginning of the learning process towards making the connections between the individual task at hand and how that task fits into the bigger picture.  I find this concept is one of the hardest to grasp for the 20-something design staff I mentor.

Jim: Thanks Peggy. Mentoring is something that I’ve found adds so much to the development of people within the organizations where they work. A mentor helps new individuals ‘come up to speed’ and accelerates their growth, allowing them to very quickly become more productive within the workplace.

So for business owners and entrepreneurs, how much more important is it for them to have a mentor? (smile)  ... I think the answer is very clear and I truly enjoy helping to facilitate that process for organizations interested in developing to their fullest potential. 
NOW, it's your turn! 
Let's hear from you AND encourage others to join the conversation. Please add your comments and let's further discuss the importance of understanding "WHY" as it relates to SUCCESS in BUSINESS. 

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