Saturday, January 22, 2011

How can a Business Plan help you Succeed?

You've likely heard the well known phrase: "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail".  In fact, it's one that I've used many times over the past 15 years in the "Preparing Your Business Plan" Learning Session that I've presented at The Business Link Business Service Centre.  One thing that I mention to my audience is that even if you were to develop the best business plan possible, there is still no guarantee of having a successful business venture. 

Why is that? One reason is that things will very likely have changed from the time that you prepared your business plan, to the time of its implementation. Having said that, I still believe that your chances of success are significantly improved by developing and following a solid business plan.

If you would like to view a short video clip of what goes into a business plan, please take a look at the video that I did for The Business Link a few years ago. Simply click on the video clip icon with my picture, which can be seen at:


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