Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Better Way to Business Success - PRME

Jonas Haertle, Elsie Elford & Jim Ewing

I enjoyed recently meeting Mr. Jonas Haertle, Head of the Principles for Responsible Management Education, (PRME) secretariat to the UN Global Compact Office.

Jonas was in Edmonton, Alberta for MacEwan University's, School of Business -  Global Awareness Week and the announcement of their signing on to PRME. With the official signing, MacEwan joins educational institutions and associations from around the world who are committed to achieving a more inclusive and sustainable global economy. You can find the PRME principles and more information regarding this initiative at:

While attending this event, I was also very pleased to have an extended conversation with Dean of MacEwan's School of Business, Elsie Elford. Thank you for your kind invitation to be with you and witness this significant event. Let me wish you, your colleagues and your many students the best of success in the future!

Question: What are your thoughts on the 6 principles that form the foundation of PRME? Are these reasonable expectations in a global economy - our shared 'global' village? What obligations, if any, should business have to the various stakeholders that they impact?

Click on the title for this Post to enjoy the video that MacEwan posted on YouTube ... and please add your comments here. Thanks

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