Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Key Success Factor - "Mentorship"

We are very excited about the new video clips being added to our companion site: ProVision - Exploring Mentorship BLOG. 

Because MENTORSHIP can add such great value to the development of a business owner and contribute to their ultimate success, we've added this special post, and the first of several video clips that will highlight Mentorship, a significant Key Success Factor for business!

Be sure to further explore the valuable information on our Mentorship Site located at:     http://provision-mentorship.blogspot.com/   

Best wishes to you in the success of your business venture!

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  1. We've just posted some additional information related to Mentorship on the "ProVision Mentorship BLOG". There is a link to some great inspirational stories of those who have been on both sides of Mentorship! (Been "Mentors" as well as "Proteges/Mentees". Please take a moment to be inspired! - Jim