Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PLAN to have a GREAT YEAR in 2015!

Why is it ... that we so often associate the preparation of a business plan with the start-up phase of a business venture? There’s little doubt on the value of having a plan at the front-end of the entrepreneurial journey, but what’s often overlooked is the value that a regular review and update to a business plan can have for the owner of an existing, growing business.

Think about it ... now that your business is up and running, and you’ve invested significant time, energy and money into establishing your business, a regular check on how things are going is a SMART investment. It’s one that will help you keep your business on track and headed in the right direction. Beyond that, it will keep you in a 'ready position' for the next opportunity that will be headed your way – and that’s likely one that you won’t want to miss!

* As much as we enjoy helping start-ups, it’s even more important for an established or growing business to regularly review and update their business plan.

For those who are already in business, here are a few questions we ask our clients, to help them review their business plan:

  1. Have you taken stock of how you and your business are doing? Are things moving in the right direction?
  2. What’s the current long-term vision you have for your business?
  3. What changes are taking place in your business environment and how will they impact your business?
  4. What are the ‘strengths’ that you and each of your team members bring to the business?
  5. Have you identified areas where ‘improvements’ should be, and need to be made in your business?
  6. What things will you continue to do in your business, and what things are you planning to change?
  7. What attracts customers to your business, and how can you increase that in the future?
  8. What resources and strategic relationships will be key for success in the year ahead?
  9. Have you established SMART goals (short-term, mid-term, and long-term) for your business?
  10. How will you stay on-track and keep yourself accountable for what you’re trying to accomplish?

We’d be pleased to help you in assessing any of the above and more, as you prepare your plans for Business Success!

“Plan to have a great year in 2015!”
  From all of the team at Pro-Vision Solutions Inc.

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