Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Your Comments - Part 9 - "Born or Made"

We promised to provide you with some of the feedback being received on our Linkedin Poll, where we asked the question: Are Entrepreneurs Born, or are they Made?

Our Linkedin Poll was launched on December 18, 2011 and your response has been overwhelming!  Thank you to all who contributed to the debate or voted in our poll.

Below are just a few of the comments that were provided. We have generally not edited what you see below. We trust that it being place on this BLOG will allow opportunity for other to join in the discussion.  Enjoy and please ADD your COMMENTS to this POST!

Bayard Baylis • I agree with those who have indicated that it is a "little bit of both." This question is very similar to the question "Are leaders made or born?" Almost everyone has some entrepreneurial and leaderships spirit and traits that are inborn. However, I do not believe relying on just those spirits and traits will make an individual a good entrepreneur or leader. Look around and we see that not everyone makes a good entrepreneur or leader. To be a good entrepreneur or leader it takes opportunity, timing, training and the willingness to take the plunge and make use of the principles of good entrepreneurship and leadership. One can learn all the techniques and technical aspects of sky diving on the ground. One can get many of the feelings of what it feels like to sky dive in a powerful wind tunnel. However, if one does not go up in a plane, stand at the open door way of the plane and jump, one is not a sky diver. If one does not use the principles that one has been taught, then that individual will not be a successful sky diver. 

Helen Green Msc,BSc(Hons) FRSPH,PGDip • Bit of both. Need to be born with some skills but then have training as they grow  

Louise Angelino • I think it is a little of both. If my parents did start their own business I wonder if I would have. I think that it definitely is something some people are drawn to while others will never take the risk or adventure of being an entrepreneur.  

Richard Moormann • Just like great leaders, drive and inventive spirit is something they are exposed to, encouraged to and overcome a disadvantage at some point. It is not a natural act. 

Maria Jazzy (Domingus) • I selected "born" but believe that it is also a little bit of both. Children born to parents who work in factories, for example, will not necessarily work in a factory. It has to do with individual curiosity, desire to "not be part of the herd" and belief in what you are doing. These traits will make dedicated and successful entrepreneurs.  

Randy Mabry • I believe "successful" entrepreneurs are made but agree there are inherent traits that foster success. Those traits are many, but one of the most important is to not settle for the status quo - regarding yourself. Again, many traits exist, but being hungry for reward (money?) and yet willing to risk lifestyle comfort (money?) to achieve it is a major one. Few businesses are instant successes, so those that can't put off instant gratification will never be one.

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