Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Entrepreneurs ... Born, or Made? (Follow-up Part 3)

HERE is our third segment related to the question: Are Entrepreneurs Born, or are they Made?

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Here are a few additional findings from "Nurture or Nature: Decoding the Entrepreneur," the report that was released a few months ago by Ernst and Young.  (A survey of 685 entrepreneurs from E&Y's worldwide and in-depth interviews with winners of the Entrepreneur Of the Year award.)

Entrepreneurs share common traits

While our research suggests that entrepreneurs are made, rather than born, the survey did find entrepreneurs will typically exhibit a combination of behaviors and attitudes that are likely to be different from many of their peers in more well established corporate organizations.  When asked what the top three most important qualities of an entrepreneurial leader are, over three quarters of the entrepreneurs identified ‘having a vision’, 73% ‘passion’ and 64% ‘drive’.  The scores for flexibility (33%), relentless focus on quality (18%) and loyalty (14%) were much lower.  

Maria Pinelli, the new Global Vice Chair Strategic Growth Markets for Ernst & Young concludes: “These findings highlight that most successful entrepreneurs share a unique combination of seeing opportunity where others see only risk.  And they tend to be optimists and believe they can succeed despite the fact that everyone else is telling them they cannot.”


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