Monday, October 11, 2010

Your Invitation to Participate

The immediate challenge we have is in gathering the first hand experiences, original stories, tips, suggestions and the "lessons learned" from a variety of business owners and professionals who have either had a business of their own or helped their clients realize the "entrepreneurial dream."

All contributions that make it into the "published" edition will be fully acknowledged with appropriate reference back to their source. Participation in this project will not only provide early stage entrepreneurs with valuable resources to help them succeed, but it will also provide those who participate with valuable future exposure.

We are looking for your personal business experiences rather than a description of something that you have heard about from another source. A variety of formats are available and each has been further described in the various "posts" you see on this blog site.

We welcome your proposed contributions by posting to this BLOG. (Please do not send attachments or photos at this time.) Updates will also be posted by us from time to time to highlight samples of content received!

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  1. Dear Reader:

    Please feel free to review each of the major items posted to this blog and then add your own content in the appropriate section.