Monday, October 11, 2010

4) Brilliant Business Insights

4) Brilliant Business Insights: ( Approximately 150 - 250 words)

This section is where you can share any of those "eureka" moments, you know - when the light came on and you discovered something new that helped you in your business. Perhaps your experience will help someone else as you let them know about what helped you! If that's the case, please identify - "WHAT" you discovered, a few points related to "WHY" it is important and a few suggestions as to "HOW" it might be done.

This area is intended to facilitate discussion regarding the process involved in uncovering / discovering new opportunities, skills, trends, etc that helped you advance your business.

We welcome your contributions to this section adding a New Post to this Blog. (Please do not send attachments or photos at this time.)

We will also be posting updates from time to time to highlight samples of contributions that we have found!

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