Friday, December 09, 2016

Reflections on Success with Frances McGuckin

Frances McGuckin
It was a pleasure ... to meet with and interview small business expert and best-selling author Frances McGuckin on a recent trip to the lower-mainland of British Columbia. 

Frances has been a friend of many years, and she graciously allowed us to video record her comments. As she reflected on her own journey, she also provides valuable insight on key success factors for those embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey. 

In addition to addressing the topic of "Business Success", Frances also shared her thoughts on the topic of "Mentorship".  We'll provide links at the end of this post to the video clips for both of these interviews which are now available on our YouTube Channel.

Frances McGuckin is internationally recognized as the SmallBizPro. An award-winning motivational small business speaker, consultant, columnist, and best-selling small business author, her books are published globally.

Books by Frances McGuckin include:
    * Business for Beginners
    * BIG IDEAS for Growing Your Small Business
    * Taking Your Business to the Next Level

More information regarding Frances McGuckin can be found on her website at:

FYI - Related to our interview, here are just a few of the comments that Frances has provided in our video interview. As mentioned earlier, a link to this video interview on Business Success can be found further below.

Jim: (Question 1) What does Business Success mean to you?
Frances: Business success means something different to everyone. To me, it’s realizing an entrepreneurial dream which provides you with doing something that you are passionate about that also provides you with a sustainable income that covers your financial needs. It will not detract from your family life, and allows you the time and energy to enjoy a life of your own that fulfills all your personal needs. You will be working to live, not living to work.

Jim: (Question 2) Tell us about your experience related to Business Success.
Frances: My success in business came from my passion for writing. I spent a great deal of my life doing what I didn’t love - working in offices and accounting, by necessity. I opened my own public accounting and consulting business because of not finding satisfying work here during the recession in the early 80s. 

I started writing free business columns for the local newspapers for years. Then I applied to teach a 10-week bookkeeping course part-time in the evenings at Continuing Education in about the mid 80s. I found that I love teaching, after re-writing the course material to simplify it. Then in the mid-nineties, Business for Beginners unfolded. 

I later studied professional speaking, stopped accounting and started writing and speaking full-time. I followed the two things I loved the most - helping people by teaching and through my writing. By 2005, the books were in seven countries, and the US ones are still sold around the world. In 2005, I was the No. 1 “small business expert” and “small business author” on Google. 

Thank you Frances for sharing your insights on the topic of "Business Success" in this BLOG Post as well as on the topic of "Mentorship" on our other platforms. Your personal entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration to others, and your expertise has been of great help to many in their quest towards having a business of their own.

AS MENTIONED ABOVE - Here are the URL links that will take you to the two specific  videos interviews we had with Frances McGuckin.

For a direct link to the video regarding "Mentorship" CLICK HERE

For a direct link to the video regarding "Business Success" CLICK HERE

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