Thursday, January 07, 2016

Putting on your "Robin Hood"

I was very pleased to speak with Paul Woida, a rising talent on the Alberta Music scene and asked him for a few thoughts regarding his recent song: “Robin Hood”. Of course, the title immediately takes me back to the story of the heroic English outlaw, a highly skilled archer and swordsman who was said to have 'stolen from the rich, and given to the poor'. 

Poverty is certainly a problem, and it's one that has become increasingly more challenging in the economic downturn that we've experienced over the past year. While times are tough, I don't think that we're at the same stage as would have been experienced in the days of Robin Hood.

Those familiar with the story will know that the times were extremely difficult, with a significant disparity and polarization between the wealthy upper class and commoners. The social safety nets, variety of social services and not-for-profit agencies available to assist today were not in place at that time. Having said that, we recognize that there are still many who are in need and 'falling through the cracks' in our modern communities. And if we think that it's bad here ... we also recognize that there are places around the world where the conditions for those in need are even more desperate, and the resulting consequences even more dire.

Here's what we know:

  • When each of us takes a moment to do even a little thing to help, it's another step in the right direction, and each step gets us closer to reaching our destination!
  • Individual actions added together to those of others can make a difference and change the lives of many in our community and beyond.
  • What seems impossible gets closer every day when each of us lends our support to a good cause.
  • Find a good cause that you can support, and ask them how you can help. Is there something you could do, some way to get involved, something you could assist them with and help to make a difference. 

* And if you'd like to help Paul Woida with his cause, listen to his song "Robin Hood" and cast a vote to help him in the fight to end poverty. In fact, you can vote once a day until January 15, 2016! Yes, you'll need to make a profile but it will only take 30 seconds. (Thanks) Also, feel free to share this with those in your circle of contacts.

You can vote for Paul's music video at:

Paul Woida's song "Robin Hood" is at: via @YouTube

Was there an actual Robin Hood? No-one really knows the true answer to that question, although there are several historic figures that were strong contenders. 

Here's what I know ... The hero in the legend of Robin Hood was someone who saw those in need and took action to provide them with assistance. That's something that any of us can do. We'd only recommend that each of us use legal and ethical means in those efforts! 

BTW - Our short video interview with Paul Woida on this topic can be seen on our YouTube Channel at:

What are some of your suggestions on how people can get involved in good causes and make a difference in the lives of others? 

Leave us a comment and we'll share it with others!

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