Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ALWAYS deliver on your PROMISES

Here’s one way to move your business towards SUCCESS!

“Always deliver on your PROMISES to customers.”

PROMISES are commitments that we make to others, in this case – our valued CUSTOMERS. When we break our PROMISES to them - it likely does more to hurt us, and our reputation, than it does to hurt them. When we COMMIT … be very sure that we can DELIVER. Deliver just a little bit more and you'll DELIGHT your clients.

That’s the road that will lead to SUCCESS!

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  1. I totally agree with you in terms of how business should deliver their promises to their customers in order to improve customer services and satisfaction. Once a business makes commitments to deliver high quality service to its customers, it should do what it says and maybe doing more than what it should deliver.

    I once visited a salon in Toronto where they not only provide good customer services, but also deliver services more than what I had asked by having the flexibility to adjust my schedule with theirs. Here is a link to my blog, feel free to check it: