Thursday, April 18, 2013

Improving Cash Flow ... and Business Success

YOU'VE LIKELY COME ACROSS a number of situations in business that have challenged your skills and tested your courage! Through that process, you've learned a number of valuable lessons that have continued to guide you through subsequent challenging times. Congratulations!

Would you be willing to share some of those lessons and thoughts with our audience?

Here is your opportunity to ADD a few comments, tips or suggestions to assist others in a number of KEY ASPECTS that will impact their business and help them realize their own BUSINESS SUCCESS!

What suggestions or input would you offer to help a fellow entrepreneur when it comes to improving their cash flow?

Here are a few suggestions from us to assist with your response:
  • "WHAT" should someone be aware of when it comes to this area of their business?

  • "WHY" is it so important?

  • "HOW" can the entrepreneur find success in this aspect of their business?

Thanks in advance for adding your comments!
(Remember - they don't need to be long to make a BIG difference.)

* Be sure to add your contact information to your response so that we can let others in our circle of contacts know how to reach you!


  1. As a business banking relationship manager, I love that you're discussing this topic.

    The leading cause of business failure is poor cash flow. Commit to making cash flow management a strategic priority for your company - regardless of life stage, industry or business size. Pay attention to the amount of working capital (current assets - current liabilities) as it reveals short term financial health and operational efficiency. As well, do frequent cash flow forecasts and compare the actual results against your projections. Understanding where your money is coming from and how it is being disbursed will help uncover inefficiencies and give you greater control. A company can go a long time without being profitable, however without cash, it won't last long.

  2. My friend, Colleen Madsen - Colleen Madsen Strategies Inc. provided the following comment: "Cash flow is always the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs - in particular for new businesses. I've experienced this myself. Cash flow comes when customers and potential customers choose to exchange money for your goods and services. And in order for that to happen you need to understand and become excellent in SALES. Sales can be terrifying for even the most seasoned business person and many can find a number of other things to do that make them "feel" productive. No sales = no cash." (Thanks Colleen!)