Sunday, December 16, 2012


Several years ago, after a number of frustrating experiences of their own, three people decided to go into business together. The names of these entrepreneurs were: READY, WILLING and ABLE.

Their decision was not made in haste, but it was carefully considered and guided by appropriate professional advisors. As they reflected one day on the path that they had travelled, each realized how they had benefitted from their having come together. 

* Please note: Due to a number of pressing time commitments we were unable to obtain a current photo of Ready, Willing and Able. Fortunately our researchers have provided us with the image shown here on the left which has been used for this post. 

READY saw that while he was good at managing money, his skills with managing people seemed to be an area where he struggled. Ready was more comfortable working behind the scene, not in the lime-light or in the spotlight.

WILLING, on the other hand was excellent in social situations and seemed to get along with everyone he met. He seemed to have a knack for bringing people together and getting things started. Where he occasionally stumbled was after the project was underway and emerging challenges slowed his progress.

ABLE was very good at what he did. In fact, he had been recognized for excellence and proficiency in his field by his peers. While he enjoyed his work, he dreaded the sense of being trapped in a job that didn't allow him to explore other areas of interest.

To sum it up, they agreed that TOGETHER, the three of them COMPLEMENTED the others in the group. Recognizing their individual STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES they were able to find a way to COLLABORATE and find SUCCESS. Had they continues to try to make it on their own they may never have been able to fully realize their dreams.

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