Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An URGENT Message ...

How many times have we been pulled away from "important things" by various other things that seemed to be URGENT at the time? I think it happens far too often, doesn't it?

URGENCY will always try to ‘trump’ the important. The ‘wild-card’ is whether or not we can keep focused on our priorities.

When I work with my team in assisting small business owners, I like to revisit our objectives every now and again.  With this particular group, and for the work that we do, the “5-C Client Service Focus” that I've put into place helps us to keep our attention on: the Client, our Content, our Contacts, our Collaborations and our Creativity. I think that it reminds all of us of what we are trying to do, and the strategies we are using to get us there!

I recently asked one of my contacts in social media, Narendra Man Pradhan for his permission to re-post one of the comments he made on the topic of urgency.  Thank you Narendra for agreeing to let me use your post in this way.
"One of the key factors of success is having big, challenging goals. Winners set goals. Without goals, we wander aimlessly. Set some meaningful goals and approach our goals with a sense of urgency. Life never becomes super-easy for anyone. We are in a race against time. If we pursue our goals with a sense of urgency we will be able to look back over life and know that we accomplished a lot of worthwhile achievements."  - Narendra Man Pradhan
QUESTION: How do you separate the Urgent things from the Important things?

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