Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vision, MIssion and Values ...

How much thought should the business owner give to developing their vision, mission, and values? We had some great discussion around that subject with the group that participated in the 2011 BUSINESS START-UP SEMINAR SERIES, "Building the Basics of Your Business" - hosted by the Sherwood Park and District Chamber of Commerce and Strathcona County Economic Development and Tourism.

An interesting statistic was brought out by Tyler Westover, Small Business and Tourism Specialist with Strathcona County:  
● 71% of people surveyed said that they, “make it a point to buy brands from companies whose values are similar to my own.” (Source: Young & Rubicam, August 2010.)
 Sourced from - March/April briefing.

With that thought in mind, trying to find a way to connect what you the owner value, with the things that are valued by your target audience can make a huge difference in your potential business success.

As presented to the audience that gathered, your business can be 'the canvas' upon which you paint a masterpiece for the world to view. When they look at your business, what is the picture that they will see? Does it accurately reflect the image that you want them to have of you, and what you value?


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